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Field of Glory 2 Grogheads Tournament


What do you guys think about a little community tournament?
With FG2's PBEM+ system its very easy to challenge eachother and provide your opponent with your turn once you're ready after a day's work.
We could use a playoffs system to setup a little tournament and crown a King afterwards. If it turns out to be fun, heck, we can even run another one! Or even make it a default GH community feature! Yeah!

Ok ok... let's just see who's interested at all now.
Sign up here! Don't worry; I will take care of all the administrative hassle, you can just focus on playing the game and tauning your opponents.


Sounds fun. I'm in.

Provisionally in! (I don't own the game yet. ;) Saving it for a birthday or Christmas gift.)

Sorry, a bit late to the party but if its still on the go......

Yep, I'm up for it. Already played a few PBEM games with panzerde.


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