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Help your buddy Toonces on his path to dominate Britannia!

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I'm questing to get on the beta test for War of the Roses.  I'm signed up for the beta, but similar to that crafting MMO I need five fine young lads to sign up using my unique URL to ensure my spot.

C'mon, help your old buddy Toonces out, won't you?  Just click here and sign up!

Death before dishonor!

The Old Gods brought to me notice of this quest which you have asked us to support. I answer. Mayhaps the favoring winds will bring you luck. If not luck, then fierce conviction will cause thine foe to quaver and fall back in disarray. This Heathen stands by Thee.

You have my sword.   8) 

Done my liege!

I am neither young nor fine, but I do love me a good queue. . .


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