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How about an Opponents Wanted sub-forum in the Computer Gaming forum? There are quite a few games I'd like to play by PBEM and online, and I suspect I'll find a more reliable - or less flaky - class of opponents than on places like the Matrix Games forums.

Personally, I'm interested in operational or strategic games such as Grigsby's War in the East, the new Decisive Battles: Case Blue, or the John Tiller Panzer campaigns series. I'm not such a fan of FPS and RTS, but maybe I just haven't played the right games or the right people.

Anyway, since we talk so much about games on Grogheads, we might as well help each other actually play them.


I believe Longblade is considering it right now.   ;D

I like this idea.  Makes the forums more organized plus it would be easier for grogs to hook up.  ;)

Fine idea about creating an forum area for Grog's to find opponents.

In the mean time; I'd be happy to volunteer for some PBeM action. War in the East, or Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy are a couple of titles that interest me. I have several other titles in my collection. Drop me a PM if you'd like to discuss.


--- Quote from: W8taminute on July 17, 2012, 01:23:41 PM ---plus it would be easier for grogs to hook up.  ;)
--- End quote ---

Uh, didn't LB already point that one out?


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