Looking for MBT Vassal Opponent, starting July 9

Started by Iconoclast, June 19, 2018, 06:53:09 AM

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I will cross-post from BGG:

After I have played the introductory scenario with a friend I wanted to start playing some more interesting scenarios.

problem is, I will move end of June, and in my case I leave behind my games.

That's why I started to get familiar with VASSAL and hope I can find someone who is interested in playing a round of MBT.


Real time, skype.


I would like to play one from FRG; I already packed the game. So the exact choice would be up to you since the playbook is already stored away.

Optional Rules:

Since I don't have the rulebook here: I am open to everything, but don't have to implement all. malfunctioning for example never struck me as especially interesting.


I would like to see dismounts and IF. potentially Helos. I am not familiar with the rules for helos or FW, but I would read them before the game, if you prefer a scen which includes them.


I have played a couple of times, but that is some time ago. I have major issues with the spotting system, so I would appreciate if you could explain this to me. I would like to play with limited spotting in effect.

So consider this to be a game of someone who has the basics down, but still needs a bit of mentoring here and there.




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