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Hey everyone,

I just remembered an old game I have in the basement and felt like I should give it a try.

Would anyone be interested in a, maybe 4 people, Arkham Horror round on the TTS?

Base rules, + Dunwich


Do you need TTS to play? 
I have Arkham Horror but not Dunwich in the box.

there seem to be only French modules for VASSAL, that's why I thought about TTS

...and since I bought it, I thought I should give it a try at some point.

Reading up on opinions on the expansions, I could pretty clearly see that a lot of AH player consider Dunwich as a must use expansion, hence base game + Dw

I don't have Tabletop Simulator - but I'm willing to buy it.

But buying Dunwich is a step farther than I'm willing to go since I've not played Arkham yet.

Oh, I think I understand you better now.

The Arkham Module for TTS is community made, including all expansions, hence, it is free.

That btw includes quite a few titles by gmt as well, in case you are into the wargaming side of things.


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