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[PBEM]Solium Infernum - Come claim Hell's Throne! (max 6 players)

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It's been a long time since this little gem was released; 2009 to be exact!
But its a great game and pretty cheap as well if you don't have it (15 bucks).

Solium Infernum is a turn based strategy game that lets you vie for the throne in Hell. Literally!
From Cryptic Comet's features page:

-Customize your Archfiend avatar by selecting your starting attributes, infernal rank, public objective and special perks.

-Level up your Archfiend in 5 different spheres of evil: Wrath, Deception, Prophecy, Destruction and Diabolism.

- Battle for the control of hell across a landscape of beautifully painted hexes on 3 different map sizes.

- Over 50 different unique legions await your orders.

-Legions gain experience and can be augmented with powerful heroes and artifacts

-Over 30 unique Places of Power dot the endless tracks of hell.  Capture them and use them to secure your claim on the Infernal Throne

-Retire to your sinister ritual chamber and call on dark arcane powers and over 30 unholy relics to damage, cripple or hinder your enemiesÖ and allies of convenience.

-Over 30 unique event cards keep the game unpredictable.  Challenge your rivals in the infernal games of Pandemonium, send your finest legion on an expedition against Heavenís ramparts or call an ill-timed cessation of all vendettas and blood feuds.

-Compete against up to 5 other humans or AIís in a PBEM battle royal.

-Games last anywhere from 25 to 50 turns.  A small single player game can be completed in just a few hours.

-Over 150 beautifully painted images can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven, what matter where if I still be the same.

Who's interested?


Then again, now that you've suggested it, I'm not sure how players who don't have it already (I do) are going to get it...  ???

It isn't on GoG yet, or on Steam. Nor on Gamersgate (which sometimes has separate games from the other two).

Cryptic Comet has been the only place to get the game and still is as far as I know.
I lost my installer over time and the initial download link isnt active anymore so Iíve contacted them for help.
I do have my key (ofc), so depending filesize perhaps you could share the installer? Might be quickest.

It isn't large, but I think it's on a CD. I'll have to check.


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