[PBEM]Solium Infernum - Come claim Hell's Throne! (max 6 players)

Started by Yskonyn, October 24, 2018, 03:24:13 PM

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I believe its going to be the old school way of exchanging email addresses.
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My religious views prevent me from playing to become the king of hell - seriously.  But this reminded me of their other games which I never bought because I lacked the time.  Their other three (six gun; Armageddon empires, the occult one) all appeal.

I'll probably check them out heavily during the Christmas sales and hopefully grab the lot of them.


I have similar qualms in my games; I never play Chaos in Warhammer if I can help it. (Orks maybe but not the CSM.) But when I discovered how sarcastic this game is -- it's basically the Screwtape Letters combined with Milton -- I was okay with it. In small doses. ;)

All the demons in my novels are naturally trying to compete with each other to become the ultimate over-tyrant, which is how they regard God. But they keep tripping over their pride and the various things God does to teach them that their rebellion is both misguided and impossible to achieve. The game has some similar points: the demons are in a constant state of delusion about their chances, and what they think of as a victory would even be like. Their goals are simply pointless and empty, despite their self-serving propaganda -- but the strategy involved makes for a challenging game!  O:-)
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