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Age of Wonders 3 PBeM game recruiting

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I'll install tonight (assuming I remember ;) ), and try the test game connection.

I'm having to resolve some account problems -- since apparently I already made an account but didn't bother to save my password anywhere, and it wasn't apparently anything that I can guess I would have used.

But the game is installed (through GoG), so perhaps by tomorrow afternoon I'll have solved that issue.  :P

After some experimentation this afternoon, I decided that the system only thought I had registered since someone else had already chosen my username; which I confirmed by picking a name I'm sure no one else would use. ;)

This however led back to the problem of registration, since although supposedly the reg code is under the "more" tag for my installer, I couldn't find it anywhere there. Possibly a fault of GoG Galaxy (their Steam-esque installation management system.) I've opened a support ticket.

Turns out, GoGGalaxy doesn't bother with things like registration codes, even when games need them.  ::)

Fortunately tech support let me know that I could access the codes through the GoG website instead, so that worked.

My character is up and has joined the game. Now, to search for my Solium Infernum disc...

Great you've been able to fix your issues!

The game turn interval is set at 5 days for this intro game. It means you have 5 days to play your turn, otherwise the game will automatically move to the next turn and you will stale your turn without orders (except build queues).

The game might be a little bit too large for the two of us, though; Its a 6 player map with us against 4 AI.
I thought more people would be interested in joining AoW 3.
At least we've confirmed the PBEM system works fine (if you have now received notification of your turn!). Let me know if you want to restart the game into something smaller or if we plod ahead against 4 AI (Knight and Lord difficulty).

On a funny note; my very first battle just outside my Town's perimeter against some spectral independents resulted in a wipe of my army! The game stated I went in for a 'Likely victory' on auto-combat, lol! I guess I need to re-learn how to properly do manual combat. :D


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