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Panzer Grenadier - Avalanche Press Finally Embraces Vassal
« on: February 18, 2020, 09:56:50 AM »
Panzer Grenadier (PG) games are a large part of my gaming library.

For those not familiar, PG is a large collection of platoon based WWII combat board games published by Avalanche. The series even extends a little into WWI.

The strength of the PG system is its diversity in terms of fronts, troop and armor types. The scale is slightly different than Advanced Squad Leader (ASL is squads, PG is platoons), so not really fair to compare. But you can think of PG as ASL, kind of, sort of, without the phonebook sized rule set. If you have an itch to play a certain theater, with a certain troop mix, PG probably has a game that covers it.

Despite that, I really never spent much time with my PG games.

The first issue I have with PG is a quibble with the way the rules treat leadership (I won't go into detail since my discussion might turn into a rant). But I can grit my teeth and live with the way PG handles leadership.  Given the popularity of PG, I guess that many of the PG players would find my issue with the rules to be "picky."

The real issue with PG for me has been Avalanche's tepid support for Vassal.

To be fair, Avalanche did somewhat dip its toes in the Vassal hot tub several years back. They put the PG training game on vassal for example. But the support was never strong.

That appears to have changed.

Enter Panzer Grenadier Headquarters. A collection of all things Panzer Grenadier. Including a bunch of Vassal modules.

Now I just wish Avalanche would do this for their other great series of naval games.

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Re: Panzer Grenadier - Avalanche Press Finally Embraces Vassal
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2020, 05:38:37 PM »
Now I just wish Avalanche would do this for their other great series of naval games.

^This. I own a bunch of their GWAS/SWWAS stuff, though I have not yet started getting their alt-history 'Second Great War at Sea' stuff. So far, I have only seen one vassal mod for one of their intro SWWAS games.
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