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Kickstarter Border States and Saladin by Shakos

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Improved tokens for Border States are ours! Well done, we can move on now on some new and nice Stretch Goals. But first let's speak a bit more of Border States as it deserves much more than a quick look.

State tokens

The State tokens are used on the influence tracks of each of the five states to record Influence. There are 4 State tokens per state and they move thanks to the Influence cubes you get by winning battles. By securing the tokens, you can win a sudden death victory. Otherwise by the end of the 5 turns you count the State tokens on your side. The player with the more tokens just win the game.

Thanks to the SG improved tokens, tokens for each state will have a different shape, round, square, oblong, hexagone and rhombus.

Character cards

In Border States you will have some gorgeous Character cards. Each character will have a special power you can use to change the outcome of a battle. You can use it only one time per game, so timing will be crucial. Let's see at two of these characters.

Isabella Maria Boyd (May 9, 1844[1] – June 11, 1900[2]), best known as Belle Boyd (or as Cleopatra of the Secession), was a Confederate spy in the American Civil War. Boyd's espionage career began by chance in 1861. She operated from her father's hotel in Front Royal, Virginia, and provided valuable information to Confederate officers and conveyed those secrets via her slave Eliza Hopewell. Boyd was arrested at least six times but somehow evaded incarceration. For her contributions, she was awarded the Southern Cross of Honor.
In terms of play. As a competent spy, Belle will be able to reveal one of the hidden general placed by your opponent, giving you valuable information in order to win the battle.

George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885) was an American soldier, civil engineer, and politician who served as the 24th Governor of New Jersey. A graduate of West Point, McClellan served with distinction during the Mexican–American War (1846–1848), and later left the Army to work on railroads until the outbreak of the American Civil War (1861–1865). Early in the conflict, McClellan was appointed to the rank of major general and played an important role in raising a well-trained and organized army, which would become the Army of the Potomac in the Eastern Theater; he served a brief period (November 1861 to March 1862) as Commanding General of the Union Army.

In terms of play. McClellan will open an extra slot in a battle allowing you to add a General block to a normally "closed" battle. This way you can change the result of the battle by surprising your opponent with the unexpected reinforcements!

New Stretch Goals

Two new stretch goals are revealed.

As you may have seen in videos we play with 6 dice, 3 reds and 3 greens. By tackling this SG we will have the necessary funds to offer you these 6 dice instead of 3 "generic" dice. So you won't be able to complain about your opponent using YOUR dice (and potentially cursing them). One more detail, dice will be wooden for Saladin.

In Border States you will have a recruitement queue for you Generals. Nicolas, our artist, suggested to add some recruitement boards in order to improve the ergonomy of the game. We thought it was a clever idea, so here is the stretch goal! They will be printed on 1,5mm greyboard.

That's it! Hope to see you very soon to announce that these new SG are ours.

The Shakos' team

Good luck with your Kickstarter!   :bd:

Quite like how you've set the Stretch goals as well, neat  :)

Hi all!

We'll be playing live at Border States Friday, April 2 at 8pm GMT+1. You will be able to ask questions about the game at this occasion and to discover the subtilities of the gameplay with us.

We will be invited by La Garajeux, and you will be able to follow us:

1. on Twitch:
2. or YouTube :

Session will be in French and English, so do not hesitate to join us. Video will be available in replay.

Moreover Denis Sauvage, designer of Saladin, will be with us to eventually speak as well of Saladin.

Thanks again to Gabriel, the station master of the Garajeux!


--- Quote from: Crossroads on March 29, 2021, 02:06:44 AM ---Good luck with your Kickstarter!   :bd:

Quite like how you've set the Stretch goals as well, neat  :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks! That's what we wanted.  ;)

Hello everyone!

The dice SG has been crushed by a devastating charge from the Crusader knights. So we will be able to double the number of dice, 6 instead of 3, and customize them. Originally we thought we would make the dice the color of each side, with symbols of the other side's color. For example red dice for the Crusaders, with green symbols to indicate that the result applies to an Ayyubid banner.

This choice turns out not to be wise for people with color blindness. So we are going to follow the recommendations of our graphic designer, Nicolas, who advised us to use white for the symbols. This choice also makes it easier for everyone to read the results by reinforcing the contrast, especially in low light conditions. We would like to thank the persons who gave us their feedbacks on this issue.

Now let's talk about the results that can be obtained on the dice:

- Nothing (2 sides): quite simple, no effect.
- Elimination of Lances (2 sides / 1 Lance - 1 side / 2 Lances): causes the elimination of one or two Lances from your opponent. They are added to the loss track. At the sixth lost Lance, one of the precious order token is put back in the box.
- Spend one Order (1 side): causes your opponent to lose 1 order. It is not lost permanently however (it will become available again the next turn), but its loss can put you in a very uncomfortable position by forcing you to discard an order that would have been very useful to command one of your banners!

We have also decided to make wooden dice, to be in coherence with all the elements of the game which are also made of wood. They will be engraved, for a better durability, and colored, red or green, with symbols in white as indicated above.

What's next :

Let's discover the 3 next SG. The two first will allow us to add a plastic tray to help with the storage of the components in the box. For those who are wondering, the slots for the cards will allow to store them with sleeves.

The third one will allow us to offer a bonus for the authors of the two games. For every game sold during this crowdfunding, they will get 10% more in payment. A way for us to reward our authors without whom we could not offer you these games!

The Shakos' team


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