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Started by dwesolick, May 20, 2021, 01:18:05 PM

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Seeking a Japanese opponent for a grand campaign game. Would like an opponent who is committed to playing till 1945. I certainly am. I'm an experienced player but happy to play against any skill level. I'd like someone who can commit to doing at least 1 turn per day (weekdays) and perhaps a couple on Sat/Sun (when possible).

I have the latest beta and would like to do one of the stock grand campaigns (1, 2 or 6, your choice).

Proposed settings:
Advanced Weather: ON
Allied Damage Control: ON
Historical First Turn: Your choice
Dec 7 Surprise: ON
Reliable US Torps: OFF
R&D: Your choice
Unit Withdrawals: ON
Reinforcement: Fixed or Variable (Your choice)

I am not at all into the gamey or exploit stuff (anything to get a couple more VPs). I use my units (air, sea, land) in a historical way always. Some proposed HRs:
1. No Allied 4E below 10k (land or sea).
2. PPs paid for crossing political borders.
3. No CV hunting (for first few turns) or extended PH attack.
4. In exchange for #3 I will offer up POW and Repulse on a platter (till Dec 8 anyway).
5. No sweeps above 20k.
6. Happy to consider any others!

You will find me to be a very reliable and pretty decent (I hope) opponent. I check my email multiple times every day so you will never wonder why I'm not responding or where the turn is or anything like that.

Reply or shoot me an email if interested! duane.wesolick@ppcc.edu
Duane :)


Welcome to the forum. Good luck finding an opponent and good luck in the game too. Perhaps keep us posted in an AAR thread!
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Hi Jarhead,

Thanks for the welcome! I'm a former Marine myself (from about 500 years ago, give or take).


Quote from: dwesolick on May 20, 2021, 04:57:23 PM
Hi Jarhead,

... (from about 500 years ago, give or take).
LOL! You'll need another 500 years or so to play this campaign.  >:D :2funny:

Just joking... Atilla60 and JeJo have been playing their MP game for 4 or 5 years now! Seriously! :notworthy:

Anyway, welcome to Grogheads. I hope you have a good time here. <:-)

If you like MP games, have a look into our Colosseum where from time to time we host competitions.
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Found an opponent. Thanks! 8)