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War of the Roses


Gus pinged me about possibly gaming together and I thought I'd open a thread here so we could discuss it.

I'm enjoying War of the Roses and am more than happy to game with any of you guys. I'm not sure if there's a friend finder piece to it yet, but there seem to be more than enough servers open that if several of us could find something either reasonably empty or unoccupied. If we get enough guys gaming I'm sure we'll end up drawing a crowd.

Kewl just let me know the time.

I didn't see the demo.


--- Quote from: Bison on September 05, 2012, 02:48:13 PM ---I didn't see the demo.

--- End quote ---

There isn't one (yet?).

There is a beta but not everyone gets in. Pre-ordering the game grants access to the beta.


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