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I've never really tried Vassal. It looks like a clunky way to play, but a lot of grogs swear by it, so maybe I'm missing something. Anyone want to teach the system to a newbie?


or two newbies?

Funny thing, I was just thinking I'd try a couple of turns of Patton's Best this morning.
I've checked it out and tried a few Solitaire games for a couple of rounds but never played another person.
My problem is that when I'm home I have constant family distractions and can't stay in front of the computer
long enough to play more than a turn or two every couple of hours. I do want to try a more traditional PBEM
type session sometime maybe. No meaningful tips to pass on yet though. What I know is probably what you
know already if you have it installed and you've D/Led a module for a game you know . Most of the actual
playing looks very straight forward. It's module design that looks more intimidating.

What games to you guys want to play on VASSAL?

I'm farily versed on the in's and out's. I usually play LnL's Band of Heroes series with VASSAL both live with Skype and PBEM.

A Skype session is usually a lot easier to explain how VASSAL work but it can be done using the chat function.

We could set up a session with a game that most know and then have as many people as are interested join in to learn/watch/kabitz. The basics can be learned in less than an hour, as long as we're not also teach the game rules itself.

Module design can be very intimidating. But the way I learned was to reverse code existing modules. I've done a bunch of LnL's games for the owner for both play testing and for free release. I can't do any of the real fancy stuff yet, java coding, but i'm learning all the time.

I'd like to start with something simple. Maybe War at Sea, or something like an old AH or SPI Quad Game?



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