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Vassal opponent?

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Man, it's been years since I played War at Sea... that might be fun to try.

Let me down load the module and read my old copy of the rules and I'll get back to you.

When are you able to play? Do you want to try live or just PBEM?

I can play some live stuff online, but my availability is a bit screwy - it's actually easier for me to play during the day while I'm at the office than when I'm at home.

PBEM would work fine for me, but the pace might be too slow for others.

What game are you interested in trying out Brant?

 I'm with Michael - War at Sea is fine, but an old SPI quad would work, too.

Tank-on-Tank takes about 5 minutes to learn, so might be a decent VASSAL game to focus on VASSAL instead of game rules

Tank on Tank would be great game for this. I actually made that module for Mark Walker.

As for timing, to teach VASSAL we'd really have to do it live but it could all be done through the chat function.

I can play at lunchtime, 12 to 1 pm EST, or after work. (I should really be writing an engineering design note for an FEA I did on Dipole magnets right now, but it's a bit boring..)


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