Opponents Wanted

Started by Bison, February 17, 2014, 12:02:56 AM

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Well if I can ever get the freaking game to recognize my user name/password, I'd like to give some multiplayer a go.  I'd be able to do it later Friday evening.  I'd say around 10 PM CST.  Ideally we could use something like the Steam voice chat to bullshit and go over the rules.

Any takers?

This offer is also good for Conflict of Heroes.


Offer is rescinded until someone figures out that eliminating the use of special characters in a password is not reasonable.  Seriously with all of the internet scams going on why would eliminating login data used to safeguard an account be an acceptable practice?   So I'll tell you right now anyone logging into the game's multiplayer does not have a very secure password with Slitherine.  It's just a fact boys.