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Iíve been playing Assassinís Creed Origins the last few days and it has been really heating up my PC...itís liquid cooled and usually almost silent, but Origins has been kicking the fans on and the machine starts to really roar for a minute or two until it cools back down. After some research I have found that this is due to the layered DRM.

My question is - will heating like this damage CPU? The machine has not shut itself down or even stuttered while playing the game. The roar of the fan is just a little unnerving.

Also, of course, if anyone has a workaround to keep the machine from overheating (beyond illegally cracking the game) I of course welcome any advice. I love the game, so I would like to keep playing...but not if itís going to damage my new rig.

Thanks all.

In general if heat levels get to the point of damaging something the computer will shut itself down before that happens.

You can use software like cpuid to check the temperature and let us know what temps you're hitting, but since the system isn't even throttling, you're more than likely fine.

^Thanks Capn.

Right before I fell asleep last night I was thinking about this (of course) and thought maybe if I ran the game through Steam instead of UbiSoft Connect, the DRM would be different and therefore the heating issue would go away. I'm going to try it later.

The odd thing is this has only occurred on my brand new machine. When I played Origins on my older machine it never got hot.

I dunno...


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