Wargamer Monthly 1993-98

Started by demjansk1942, May 21, 2021, 04:09:20 PM

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have monthly issues from May 1993-1998.  I was wondering if a way exist for maybe others who want to read the articles.  I could scan them but not sure if it's worth the time
Here is my first issue

Sorry, I took a picture with my IPad but it wouldn't allow me to post due to extension, how do you post a picture from apple?


Your best bet is probably to host it on imgur and share the link: https://imgur.com/upload

I think people here would be more than happy to check out any scans you're willing to post.  Monthly zines for 5 years is a lot, so I don't blame you if you don't want to work through it all.  I'd say maybe just scan the first one and see how people respond, and see how you feel from there.   O0
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I could probably scan them with the printer and easily post them using my computer instead of this iPad, I tried to use a app converter for the picture but this forum doesn't take jpeg

I also have a bunch of Run 5 magazines from SSG