History of the Calgary Highlanders up for pre-order

Started by Michael Dorosh, April 15, 2024, 10:56:02 AM

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Michael Dorosh

A new pictorial history of the Calgary Highlanders is up for preorder at amazon.ca (also should be available at the .com site).  I am the author. Not sure how many grogs here will find it of interest but thought I'd mention it. Not a lot of granularity at the tactical level as the book is 440 pages covering over 110 years of history, but for general interest covers some broad topics - in particular the role the prewar Militia in 1914 played in shaping the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Billed as a picture book the text runs about 100,000 words and covers Canadian defence policy from the period 1910 to present. Calgarians especially will appreciate some of the discussion of the relationship between the regiment and the city. The regiment served in the 1st Canadian Division of the First World War, the 2nd Division in the Second, and currently is a reserve unit of 3rd Canadian Division that sent more soldiers to Afghanistan than any other Canadian reserve unit.