Feedback on Review of Piercing Fortress Europa

Started by bayonetbrant, July 11, 2014, 06:25:18 AM

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Boggit's review is up!

What do you think?  Would a good logistician have made a difference for Boggit?  When are you getting your copy?
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enjoyed the review. It seems the game is as it appears and what the forum word says about it. I'm not sure how stoked i am about the Italian front and the amount of content. When i want to go to Italy i usually fire up SSG 's battles in Italy. It almost seems like a test the waters game to see how well it will sell before continuing. I say that because of the refinements that were left out i.e. no sound, mouse scrolling, full screen, slitherine PBEM system, no editor. I will probably still pick it up sometime just because of the WEGO and focus on logistics and ease of play,maybe during the holiday sale.
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@Budd :)
If you can swallow the clunky interface, the initially steep but short learning curve, you'll find it is quite an elegant and fast paced game. I also have a couple of the SSG games, which are good, but they do play out very differently to this one.
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