Pretty impressive drone strike

Started by Jarhead0331, December 08, 2021, 02:14:40 PM

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Damn, that's scary shit right there.  :wow:
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That is pretty impressive and scary.  The modern day battlefield has so many new ways to die than even say just 5 years ago. 
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It looks wrong. I wouldn't want people to die from a device that I like and regularly use, although it's clear that they are designed for different things. I just mean that such devices should never be produced at all. It's better to make beautiful videos and photos with the help of drones and put them in to share with like-minded people. Just to please yourself and people with the same hobby as you. I've always taken drone photos and was so happy when I started getting better, and I wouldn't want drones to be canceled in the future because of such devices.


I've been reading how the Ukrainians are getting very good at dropping 2-5kg dumb bombs from drones that fly at night. Apparently they are really good at taking out vehicles (parked I presume). Bombs of that size are more than enough to take out light armor, trucks and command vehicles. I suppose you could even disable an MBT with a lucky critical hit roll on the engine grates. 
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