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Started by MTG, August 20, 2018, 12:29:18 PM

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The latest version of the Army Editor won't install.  It won't overwrite files and once the existing files are manually deleted, it says the program is already installed.  It also won't automatically create a specified folder.  Someone really needs to sit down, spend 10 minutes and create a proper installer.

Dr D Ezra Sidran

I uninstalled the previous version through the Control Panel.
I then double-clicked on the installer and everything installed properly.
I then created an army, saved it and quit. Relaunched the Army Editor and it loaded the previously saved army file without problem. This was on a 32-bit system.

Andy ONeill

This is just an interim installer because our distribution method will be steam and refining this approach would therefore be wasted effort.
There is substantial effort necessary to build a proper full on professional installer which asks if you want shortcuts, removes older versions gracefully etc etc.
I'll be creating a proper installer.
But that will be for use by steam.

Installing a new version is a matter of uninstalling the previous and installing the new one.
If you go into control panel > Programs and features.
Find GSBPArmyEditor
Right click and uninstall.


Not everyone uses or is interested in using steam.

Andy ONeill

I tweaked the installer to do upgrade without separate install.
To try and do so anyhow.
This worked ok on my test machine but I have seen this mechanism occasionally mysteriously fail on other projects.
I'm not sure if Ezra has uploaded this version yet though.

I have no idea what will happen if the exe and dll have been manually deleted.
If you're still having problems then maybe we could zip up the dll and accuracies files and stick them on the site.
Other than registering fonts, this whole thing could potentially be distributed by file copy.
Maybe that's what we should be doing for future module testing.