Napoleonic period questions

Started by Holdit, August 15, 2023, 02:51:50 PM

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Delighted to see this game is coming close to release. As a Napoleonic gamer I was wondering about a few things:

Will it be possible to see the effects of say, the superior French staff system in the earlier years of the period?

Will it be possible to have infantry show a preference for column or line? E.g. French more columnar than line in the earlier years, then more line than column during the heyday, and going back to column as troop quility reduced, especially in 1813, and with the Allies (except the British of course) moving from mostly linear to mostly columnar tactics? (I see that the use of skirmishers is already there.)

Will the use of private contractors for transporting foot artillery in the years to 1800 be reflected in artillery mobility?

Many thanks.