AAR: CMO Red Tide

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AAR Unwanted Visitors SPOILER ALERT

IAW my air plan, I launch 2 P-3s from Keflavik and 1 from Andoya for ASW and SSC ops.  Almost immediately, Norwegian radars pick up eight probable fighters or ground attack aircraft.  While I do not want to scramble my entire complement of ready F-16s, I am forced to, as I can not risk losing my radar sites to an airstrike, as that would significantly impact NATO's ability to intercept any reconnissance aircraft.  The BOGIEs are subsequently determined to all be MiG-23P's, and four are shot down without loss.  At 0849Z  ESM detects two probable Tu-16RM aircraft departing Severmorsk, and F-16s sent to intercept them over Norway.   At 0859 VP-26 P-3 picks up a possible radar hit on a snorkling submarine, but it is at such extreme range that I have my doubts. See Battlelog below:

DTG                   Event

030800Z April 85   STARTEX
030805Z April 85   Launch P-3B from Andoya for SSC
030805Z April 85   Launch 2 P-3C from KEF for ASW Barrier ops
030808Z April 85   8 incoming BOGEY from Severmork. Scrambled all (4) ready F-16B from Banak to intercept.
030843Z April 85   BOGEY VID'd as MiG23P FLOGGER G
030843Z April 85   Flight 1967 engage MiG23P FLOGGER G with AIM-9L. 2 FLOGGER Splashed 
030846Z April 85   Flight 1968 engage MiG23P FLOGGER G with AIM-9L. 2 FLOGGER Splashed 
030848Z April 85   Flight 1967 reports 6 AIM-9 remaining. Flight 1968 reports 5 AIM-9 remaining. 13 AIM-9L expended.

030849Z April 85   New BOGEY launched from Severmorsk
030851Z April 85   New BOGEY launched from Severmorsk
030859Z April 85   Flight 1987 and 1986 RTB to Banak AB (Note: this was against my intention.  Not sure what happened)
030859Z April 85   Flt. 1969 (2 F16A) directed to intercept BOGEY off North Cape.
030859Z April 85   POSSSUB radar contact from TRIDENT 5 (P-3C2.5) Possible snorkling sub? VP-26#5 retasked to investigate, goes to EMCON A.
030903Z April 85   VP-26# 4 ONSTA ASW Box 1


"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln


Situation 0900-1000

At 0912, NATO issues a warning of possible TEL strikes on NATO facilities in Norway.  Unfortunately, I have no locations for the TELs, so I can't use the F-5s at Banak to pre-emptively strike them. So my F-5s sit un the runway..... Meanwhile, the Norwegian F-16s continue to attrite the Soviet MiG-23Ps, shooting down four more.  In the North Atlantic, the SOSUS gives a high quality contact on a possible diesel submarine.  The Norwegian P-3 is retasked to begin localization.  The VP-26 P-3 gets another radar hit on the possible submarine, and beings prosecution, quickly establishing contact on a DIFAR buoy. 
However, a ESM hit on a MUSHROOM radar invic Jan Mayen Island shows the Soviets are trying to locate the NATO ships.  Based on the location of the ESM hit, the Soviets are too far away to detect my surface units, but they may be close enough in a couple of hours, so all is well for now. Until the Soviets land a brigade of naval infantry at Varabgebotn....

030903Z April 85   VP-26# 4 ONSTA ASW Box 1
030912Z April 85   Received intel report of possible TEL strikes on NATO facilities in Norway/ North Cape.  I would like to have F-5 aircraft at Banak take off, as this appears to be the most exposed of the AB.  But I have no targets to send them to.
030913Z April 85   Flt. 1969 (2 F16A) engage 2 fighter-aircraft with AIM-9L.  2 splashed.  6 AIM-9 remaining.

030918Z April 85   333 Sqn P-3B retasked to investigate GOBLIN 135.  This contact is based on a single, very good SOSUS hit.  The initial quality of the hit implies a high level of noise, so it is possibly man-made.
030922Z April 85   Flt. 1969 (2 F16A) engage FLOGGER G fighter-aircraft with AIM-9L.  1 splashed.
030925Z April 85     ESM hit on MUSHROOM radar near Jan Mayen Island.  Possible HORMONE or HELIX helo.  Likely Soviet surface vessel invic this area.
030928Z April 85   Flt. 1969 (2 F16A) engage FLOGGER G fighter-aircraft with guns.  1 splashed. 

030928Z April 85   VP-26#5 goes radar active, detects POSSSUB snorkling 18nm away.  Begins prosecution.
030930Z April 85   333 Sqn P-3B check in ONSTA for  GOBLIN 135 prosecution.
030932Z April 85   Launch 2 F-16B from Banak for CAP
030940Z April 85     2nd ESM hit on MUSHROOM radar near Jan Mayen Island.  Likely Soviet surface vessel invic this area.
030942Z April 85     VP-26#5 detects POSSSUB via DIFAR buoy.
030944Z April 85     USSR is reported to have landed at VARANGERBOTN


"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln


With the Soviets landing at Varangebotn, at least one of my dilemas is solved.  Since the intell report about possible SSM strikes on ground facilities, I've been concerned about the F-5s on the ground at Banak.  The landing at Varangebotn gives the F-5s a potential target.  Although there are no landing ships showing up, I'm sure some worthy targets will turn up.  All the ready F-5s are launched at 0945, with the intent of engaging targets of opportunity invic Varangebotn. 
Meanwhile, the VP-26 P-3 ID's its submarine contact as a FOXTROT-class SS.  It is attacked and sunk.  Another P-3 locates  a 3 ship SAG lead by a Mod KASHIN DDG to the west of Jan Mayen.  This is a bit of a surprise, as the MUSHROOM contact is to the east of Jan Mayen, indicating that the Soviets have divided into two SAGs.  The P-3 also detects a number of vessels near Jan Mayen.  These are all VID'd as fishing vessels.  However, until it is completed, this effort takes the P-3 away from its mission of working the ASW barrier.  At 1143Z, the second SAG, led by the Sovremeny, is located by a P-3  east of Jan Mayen.  See image below.
At 1000, the Soviets unleash a barrage of SSMs targeting Banak AB and the Norwegian radar network. Four F-5s are lost.  Additionnaly, several radar sites are destroyed.   Despite the loss radar sites, the North Cape area still has 100% radar coverage.  However, there is no redundancy.  A reattack on the remaining sites will create holes that the Russian LRB can use to penetrate into the Atlantic.
In the air, the Soviets continue to try to penetrate the Norwegian air defenses with MiG-23Ps and Badger reconnaisance aircraft.  8 Mig-23Ps and 3 Tu-16RM are destroyed in air to air combat with the F-16s, without loss.
In the ground war, the F-5s attack and destroy approximately one company of mechanized troops invic  Varangebotn.  However, the  Soviet Naval Infantry brigade makes it ashore, and elements engage Norwegian army forces.  A second Soviet mechanized company is destroyed in exchange for the loss of a reinforced platoon of M-48 tanks.


030945Z April 85     Launch 2 F-16 B, F-5 Strike package for Varangebotn
030955Z April 85     GOBLIN 149 classified as CERTSUB.  Classified as FOXTROT class SS. VP-attacks with Mk-46
030956Z April 85     Mk-46 hits FOXTROT class SS.
030958Z April 85     P-3 C2.5 "Trident 4" detects probable Kanin-class DD, Mod Kashin class DDG NW of Jan Mayen Island.

031000Z April 85    Missile strike on Banak AB.  4 F-5s lost.
031000Z April 85    Missile strike on GLOBUS I
031000Z April 85    VP26 VIDs commercial fishing boat
031031Z April 85    VP26 VIDs commercial fishing boat via IRDS

031034Z April 85   Tu-16RM detected departing Kilpyarv. Two possible bandits detected east of Varangebotn 
031034Z April 85   Launch 2 Alert 5 F-16B from Banak to engage Bandits.. Vector ONSTA CAP to engage the Tu16RM
031041Z April 85   F-16B from Banak engage Mig-23P.  2 Mig-23P shot down
031049Z April 85   Tu16RM engaged with 3 AIM-9.  Tgt destroyed
031059Z April 85   Launch 2 Alert 5 F-16B from Bodo for CAP
031059Z April 85   Bogie Possible Tu-16RM detected departing Kilpyarv.
031104Z April 85   Bogie confirmed Tu-16RM from Kilpyarv
031109Z April 85   6 possible fighters detected inbound from Severmorsk
031116Z April 85   Launch 2 Alert 5 F-16B from Banak
031125Z April 85   ESM indicates 6 possible BOGIES are fighters based on AA radar hits
031123Z April 85   Tu-16RM engaged and destroyed by F-16
031134Z April 85   F-16B from Banak engage 2 Mig-23P with AIM-9.  2 MiGs destroyed.
031141Z April 85   F-16B from Banak engage 2 Mig-23P with AIM-9.  2 MiGs destroyed.
031143Z April 85   ESM from P3 Trident 4 indicates UDALOY and SOVEREMNY are NE of
031145Z April 85   Bogie Possible Tu-16RM detected departing Kilpyarv
031148Z April 85   P3 Trident 4 locates UDALOY and SOVEREMNY NEof   Jan Mayen Island via APS 115.  PosID via ESM
031155Z April 85   F-16B from Banak engage 2 Mig-23P with AIM-9.  2 MiGs destroyed
031156Z April 85   Tu-16RM engaged and destroyed by F-16

031157Z April 85   Launch 2 Alert 5 F-16B from Bodo for CAP
031158Z April 85   F-16 shot down by MiG-23P with AA-7
031159Z April 85   F-16B from Banak engage 2 Mig-23P with AIM-9.  2 MiG-23 shot down
031200Z April 85   Est. Mech company destroyed invic Varangebotn. NATO losses were 1 Plt M-48 and a TOW section.
"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln

Sir Slash

"Take a look at that". Sgt. Wilkerson-- CMBN. His last words after spotting a German tank on the other side of a hedgerow.


SITREP 1200-1400Z
The battle against the Soviet brigade that landed near Varangebotn devolves into a frontal attack against the Norwegian battalion.  Although it inflicts a 3:1 loss rate on the attacking Soviet brigade, it is gradually ground down and forced to begin to withdraw toward Banak.

In the North Atlantic, an ESM hit on a MUSHROOM radar approximately 150 nm south of the SOVREMNY SAG shows that the Soviets are using their embarked helos for SSC.  Although the Ka-27 doesn't have the range to detect the STAFORLANT ships patrolling north of Iceland, it could do so in about four hours if the SOVREMNY SAG moves south.  Because of this threat, I launch 2 F-4E with a heavy AAW missile load, and one KC-135A tanker.  My plan is to use the F-4E to shoot down the Ka-27, and use the tanker to keep in on station for an extended period (3 cycles/6 hours).  In the North Cape area, the Norwegian F-16 A/Bs continue to attrite the Soviet Air Force, shooting down 4 MiG-23P and 3 Tu-16 RMs for the loss of 2 F-16As.

As the Norwegian P-3B was nearing BINGO and carrying four Harpoon IPs, I used it to attack the MOD KASHIN SAG.  I considered using it against the SOVREMENY SAG, but I estimated that the four AIM-84s it carried had little chance of getting past the SA-N-7 SAMs.  Using a USN P-3 to provide targeting, the P-3B launched the HARPOONs at 50 nm at the Mod Kashing DDG, which I evaluated as likely being the HVU for the formation.  Unfortunately, I used a poor attack angle on the attack, allowing both the Mod Kashin and Kotlin SAM DDG to take shots at the incoming missiles.  The Soviet defenses shot down three of the four AIM-84s, but the one remaining missile hit the Mod Kashin DDG, likely in an engineering space and slowed it down to 9 knots.  However, ESM shows that the radars were undamaged by the hit.
To eliminated the SOVREMENY threat, at 1356Z I launch three P-3s armed with HARPOON missiles, and one element of 2 F-4Es armed with WALLEYE ASMs.  My plan is to approach the SOVREMMENY SAG at 300 feet and launch the 12 Harpoon missiles along the same threat axis at 35nm to minimize reaction time and overwhelm the SOVREMMENY fire control radars on the engaged side of the ship.  Hopefully a couple of the missiles will get through.  The F-4E are for clean up.  I really don't want them to close an undamaged SOVREMENY, as their AN/ALQ-119 jammers are unlikely to be effective against the SA-N-7.

1318Z April 85 Attack on the Mod Kashin SAG

031204Z April 85   Launch 2 Alert 5 F-16B from Bodo for CAP
031222Z April 85   The detection of a helo near Jan Mayen Island.  This is concerning, as it is 150 nm from UDALOY SAG.  This indicates it is being used for SSC to locate NATO ships.
031226Z April 85   Launch 2 F-4E from KEF for CAP duties
031235Z April 85   Tu-16RM engaged by F-16A with Guns.  Tu-16 destroyed.
031249Z April 85   2 MiG-23P engaged by 4 F-16A.  2 MiG-23P shot down, 1 F-16A lost.
031151Z April 85   Bogie confirmed Tu-16RM from Kilpyarv
031152Z April 85   Launch 2 P-3C from KEF,
031309Z April 85   Tu-16RM engaged and destroyed by F-16A with AIM-9L and guns.

031313Z April 85   2 MiG-23P engaged and shot down by 3 F-16A with AIM-9L
031315Z April 85   Launch 2 Alert-5 F-16A from Bodo to replace the 3 F-16A
031318Z April 85   Norwegian P-3B launches 4 Harpoon vs. Mod Kashin DDG.  VP-26 provides targeting info
031321Z April 85   1 Harpoon likely impacted Mod Kashin DDG.  Target observed to slow to 9 knts after time of impact.  The PEEL GROUP FC radar is still active, but the reduction in speed indicates the Mod Kashin is damaged.
031326Z April 85   Tu-16RM detected departing Kilpyarv
031335Z April 85      F-16A directed to intercept Tu-16RM
031341Z April 85      F-16A attacks Tu-16RM with AIM-9 and guns.  AIM-9 and guns hit.
031341Z April 85       F-16A shot down by Tu-16RM (tail gun). 
031343Z April 85     Tu-16RM crashes
031356Z April 85     Launch KC-135,  1 P-3C U2.5 from KEF, 1 P-3CB from Andoya
   Note: I'm a bit torn here.  These P-3C are needed to replace the P-3 that are doing ASW/SSC work.  However, the dispersed Russian SAG needs some attention.  Currently, their embarked helos are only around 120 nm from being able to discover the NATO ships, so they need to be eliminated soon.  My plan is to use the current airborne P-3B to attrite the western MOD KASHIN SAG, while I will hit the SOVREMENNY SAG with 2 Harpoon-equipped P-3C from KEF and one Harpoon-equipped P-3B from Andoya  12 AGMs should be enough to ensure a mission kill on the SOVREMENNY and UDALOY.  They will then transition to ASW duties.  While I could use F-4Es, the HARPOON will do the same job without risking any US aircraft.

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln


SITREP 1400-1730Z Attack on the SAGs

At 1426Z, I launch a strike package on the MOD KASHIN SAG of 4 F-4Es armed with GBU-10 B/E PAVEWAY II 2000 lb. LGMs and AGM-65 MAVRICK EO-guided missiles.  Part of the reason for the launch now is that I want the strike to occur in daylight, as the AGM-65 is a daytime only  system.  Sunset is at 1918L, so that should give ample time for the strike.  The onboard AN/ALQ-119 jamming pod should be able to deal with the SA-N-1 missiles of the SAG.  Because of the distance for target, a KC-135 is launched to refuel the F-4s both inbound outbound the target area.  My plan is to to a high speed/low altitude (300 foot)  ingress to minimize warning time.

At 1500Z, another volley of Soviet SSBMs hit the S-266/244 site at the North Cape, and the S-600 Gapfiller radar.  Fortunately, the strike missed the Gapfiller, but the North Cape facility was badly damaged.  The Norwegian AD network still has radar coverage, but anymore damage will result in a gap(s) in the coverage.

Missile strike on the Norwegian Radar Network

At 1558Z, the P-3C/P-3B Harpoon strike begins it run in.  One P-3C at altitude provides targeting information via its AN/APS-115 radar on both Soviet SAGs, while the remaining P-3s approach the launch point "stepping down" to 200 feet to remain below the radar horizon. (Image 2).   At 35nm, all P-3s launch their missile along a 45 degree threat axis (Image 3) .  I chose this relatively narrow axis instead of a multi-axis attack to overwhelm the FRONT DOME F/C radars on a single side of the ship.  Hopefully, that will lower the rate of fire of the SA-N-7, and allow some of the Harpoon missiles to penetrate the Soviet defenses.  Of the 12 AGM-84s available, 10 are directed at the Sovremenny DDG, and 2 at the Udaloy DDG (Image 3)

Image 2 1558Z P-3 Attack Begins

Image 3  1618Z Harpoon Launch

The result of the attack was that one of the 12 Harpoon missiles hit the Sovremenny DDG, which slowed to 12 knots, indicating a hit in the engineering spaces.  The Udaloy was undamaged.  All the P-3s exited the target area without being engaged.  Hoping that the Sovremenny was crippled, i sent in the 2 AGM-65 equipped F-4Es.  Unfortunately, the Sovremenny was not crippled, and shot both of them down, without inflicting any additional damage.  Because the SOVREMENNY was not sunk, to minimize the threat of being detected, I have the F-4E on CAP engage the Ka-27 helo that is doing SSC.  This is shot down at 1631Z.  With only 1 remaining Ka-27, the Soviet SSC capability has been hurt.

Meanwhile, the four F-4Es assigned to strike the MOD KASHIN SAG refuel from the Kc-135 and begin their run at 1700Z.  The attack is partially successful, with two AGM-65 hits on the Mod Kashin DDG, which slows to 4 knots, indicating it may be a mission kill.  Two GBU-10s hit the Kanin DDG, which immediately sinks.  However, two F-4Es are lost to the SA-N-1s.  The two surviving F-4Es egress, refuel from the KC-135 and RTB to Keflavik.

031426Z April 85   Launch 1 KC-135, 6 F-4E armed with AGM-65B or GBU 10 to hit the MOD KASHIN SAG.  This will give me barely enough time to do a re-strike if necessary.  There should be sufficient daylight to make the strike, which the EO sensors on the AGM will need. 
031437Z April 85   F-4E refuel from KC-135
031449Z April 85   F-4E complete refuel from KC-135
031500Z April 85   Probable SSBM launch detected by S-266 radar.

031501Z April 85   BDA: SSBM 1 S-244 and S-266 radar destroyed.

031544Z April 85   2 F-4E w/AGM-65 complete refuel from KC-135
031545Z April 85   2 F-4E w/GBU10 complete  refuel from KC-135
031557Z April 85   Good radar hit on Sovremenny SAG via APS-115
031558Z April 85   P-3C and P-3B push to IP.  The plan is to launch at 300 feet at 35nm to minimize time for the SA-N-7 to engage. 
031558Z April 85   2 F-4E w/AGM-65 complete  refuel from KC-135
031618Z April 85   Launch 12 Harpoon Missiles at SOVREMENNY SAG.
031620Z April 85   1 Probable hit on SOVREMENNY DDG.
031522Z April 85   2 F-4 E pushed to attack SOVREMENNY
031558Z April 85   2 F-4 E shot down.
031631Z April 85   F-4E CAP engages Ka-27 with AIM-7.  Ka-27 destroyed
031645Z April 85   Launch 2 F-5 with CBU for targets of opportunity invic Varangebotn
031701Z April 85   4 F-4E attack Mod Kashin SAG
031702Z April 85   Mod Kashin DDG hit by AGM-65B
031703Z April 85   Kotlin SAM DDG hit by AGM-65B
031703Z April 85   F-4E shot down
031706Z April 85   Mod Kashin DDG hit by AGM-65B
031706Z April 85   Kanin DDG hit by 2 GBU10 and is sunk
031708Z April 85   Attempted re-attack on Mod Kashin SAG.  1 F-4E shot down by SA-N-1.  F-4s RTB

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln


1730Z Air Battle over Finnmark

The loss of four F-4s without significantly attrite the SOVREMENNY or MOD KASHIN SAGs means that it will be up to HARPOON equipped P-3s to finish the job.  In fact, a restrike with the F-4s is impossible, as there is insufficient time to rearm them before the end of the scenario.  Additionally, nightfall means that the EO seeker on the AGM-65s will be useless.  This is just as well, as the AN/ALQ-119 jammers are incapable of dealing the the Soviet SAMs.  My plan is to rearm one Norwegian P-3B with the remaining HARPOONs at Andoya AFB and send it against the MOD KASHIN SAG.  As the Mod Kashin DDG has slowed to 4 knots and appears to be crippled, four AGM-84s should be sufficient to sink both it and the escorting Kotlin SAM DDG.  For the SOVREMENNY SAG, I will rearm four P-3Cs with HARPOONs and repeat my tactic of flying low to within 35 nm of the SAG before releasing.  That should overwhelm the defenses and sink both the Sovremenny and Udaloy DDGs. I expect the USN P-3s to depart around 2230, leaving just enough time to execute the attack before the scenario ends.

Image 1SITREP 1730Z

While the P-3s are rearming, what appears to be a large formation of approximately 20 Soviet aircraft begins to form over the USSR. (Image 2)  I scramble all six of the F-16Bs at Banak AFB, joining the 2 F-16A that are already on CAP.  At 1750, the NATO aircraft engage the Soviet formation.  However, unlike the previous engagements against MiG-23s, the Soviet formation is guarded by MiG-27S FLANKER Bs.  The ensuing melee lasts 25 minutes.  At the end, 4 F-16Bs and 2 F-16A are lost in exchange for six FLANKER Bs and one FENCER D, with two more FENCER Ds damaged.  Effectively, the NATO squadron at Banak has been virtually destroyed.  Interceptors will now have to fly from Bodo AFB.  A KC-135 is diverted from Iceland to provide tanking services in Norway.
As a note, the AA-10 ALAMO A  SARH AAM was the reason for the increased F-16 losses.  The AA-10 has almost the triple the range of the AIM-9.  That, and the number of Soviet aircraft overwhelmed the defending F-16s

Image 2 SITREP 1738Z

Battle Log
031730Z April 85   The spectacular failure of the F-4s to significantly damage the SAGs will require me to use the HARPOON equipped P-3s.  All USN P-3s are switched over to arming with HARPOONs.  The Norwegian P-3B only has one more load out of AGM-84s, so I will load it out and use it to hit the Mod Kashin SAG.
031737Z April 85   4 U/I air contacts detected by radar ESE of  Varangerbotn over Norway/USSR border, heading NW at 480 knts.
031738Z April 85   4 additional U/I air contacts detected by radar SE of  Varangerbotn over Norway/USSR border, heading NW at 480 knts.
031738Z April 85   Launch 2 F-16B from Banak.  Vector 2 F-16A from CAPSTA to intercept
031738Z April 85   4 additional U/I air contacts detected by radar SE of  Varangerbotn over Norway/USSR border, heading NW at 480 knts
031739Z April 85   Launch 2 F-16B from Banak. 
031742Z April 85   4 additional U/I air contacts detected by radar SE of  Varangerbotn over Norway/USSR border, heading NW at 480 knts
031745Z April 85   F-4E strike refuels from KC-135 after Mod Kashin strike and RTBs.
031745Z April 85   KC-135 diverts to Norway for taker support ops.
031750Z April 85   F-16s engage Su-27S.  2 Su-27 shot down with AIM-9L
031751Z April 85   F-16B shot down
031751Z April 85   Su-27 shot down with AIM-9L
031752Z April 85   F-16B shot down
031753Z April 85   F-16B shot down
031755Z April 85   Su-27 shot down with AIM-9L
031758Z April 85   Su-27 shot down with AIM-9L
031759Z April 85   F-16A shot down
031759Z April 85   F-16B shot down
031759Z April 85   Su-24M shot down
031800Z April 85   F-16A shot down
031803Z April 85   Su-27 shot down with AIM-9L

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln


1800-2130Z Airstrike on the MOD KASHIN SAG
The Norwegian P-3B takes off from Andoya AFB at 1914Z to attack to MOD KASHIN SAG.  Enroute it relocates the SOVREMENNY SAG.  For some reason, the SOVREMENNY SAG does not activate any of its radars, despite the P-3B overtly approaching within 45 nm of the SAG.  After re-localizing the Sovremenny, the P-3 continues on to the MOD KASHIN SAG, and attacks it at 2132Z, sinking both the Mod Kashin and Kotlin SAM DDGs. 

At 2000Z, ESM indicates the SOVREMENNY SAG has  launched another SSC helo.  The F-4E on CAP engage and shoot it down.  This effectively blinds the Soviets, making in impossible for them to locate the NATO ships before the end of the scenario.

During this time frame, the Soviet airforce is inactive over northern Norway.  This is extremely positive for the NATO forces there, as they are down to only a handful of F-16s.  To stretch out the defenders, a KC-135 is sent to orbit nearby, and refuel the F-16s on CAP, while the remaining F-16 rearm at Bodo.

Battle Log
031914Z April 85   P-3B w/AGM-84A depart from Andoya to attack Mod Kashin SAG
032000Z April 85   Possible MUSHROOM radar detected.  F-4E on CAPSTA vectored to investigate.
032015Z April 85   P-3B detects probable SOVREMENNY SAG at 714515N000323W Course: 294/11knt
032016Z April 85   VP-26 P-3C2.5 OFFSTA ASW Barrier 1 and is RTB
032018Z April 85   F-4E detects helo.  1 AIM-7M fired.  Ka-27 destroyed. F-4E resumes CAP.
032025Z April 85   Norwegian F-16A tank off of KC-135 Det 1.
032030Z April 85   Launch 2 F-4Es for CAP from KEF to replace aircraft ONSTA CAPSTA C.  (note: the F-4Es at CAPSTA C have been airborne for 8 hours.  Their crews would be up for the IRONPANTs award by this time. :)  )
032030Z April 85   Launch 1 KC-135 for refueling duties in Norway
032100Z April 85   Norwegian P-3B reports detecting likely MOD KASHIN SAG invic 730056N0102414W Course: 289/4
032110Z April 85   KC-135 Det 2 is OFFSTA.
032118Z April 85   F-4E ONSTA CAPSTA C
032123Z April 85   Norwegian F-16A tank off of KC-135 Det 1. KC-135 is now RTB.
032132Z April 85   P-3 launches 1 AGM-84A against probable Mod Kashin DDG, 3 AGM-84A vs. Kotlin SAM.

032133Z April 85   One Harpoon hit Mod Kashin DDG, sinking it.  2 Harpoon hit Kotlin SAM DDG, sinking it.
"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln

Sir Slash

"Take a look at that". Sgt. Wilkerson-- CMBN. His last words after spotting a German tank on the other side of a hedgerow.



After sinking the Mod Kashin and Kotlin SAM DDGs, the Norwegian P-3B is vectored back to the suspected SOVREMNNY SAG to perforem SSC duties.  The USN P-3Cs have a significant targeting problem with the SOVREMNNY SAG. The issue isn't so much identifying the SAG, but in identifying the individual ships in the SAG so the HARPOON missiles can be properly allocated.  This is because the SA-N-7 armed Sovremenny DDG is by far the most capable AAW ship, and required 12 HARPOON missiles to overwhelm its defenses and achieve a single hit. The extent of its damage is unknown, so to ensure another hit, 12 of the 16 available HARPOON missiles will again be targeted against it.  The difficulty is in identifying exactly which ship is the Sovremenny, as  after the first attack, all the aircraft left the area, dropping the contacts.  Therefore, either SKUNK could be the Sovremenny.  The easiest way to determine which is the  Sovremenny is via ESM.  However, when the P-3B first revisited the SAG enroute to attacking the MOD KASHIN SAG, the SOVREMENNY SAG did not emit, depriving NATO of a hull-classification.

To solve this problem, I will use a couple of strategies.  First, I will push the P-3B to within 30nm of the SAG, in an attempt to get it to radiate.  If that doesn't work,  I will send the two F-4Es on a supersonic sprint directly at the SAG, while radiating,  breaking off at 24 nm.  Hopefully that will cause the SAG to radiate.  Finally, if that doesn't work, I will send a single IIRDs-equipped P-3C in low and try to get a infra-red ID on one of the ships.  Because the F-4s on afterburner will use a lot of gas, I launch  the Alert 5 KC-135 for tanker support.

Fortunately for NATO, these alternative search plans are not necessary, as the SAG begins radiating its FC radars at 0002Z, allowing NATO to identify the western most contact as the Sovremenny DDG.  The strike group of P-3s will approach at 300 feet from the west along a single axis to overwhelm the Sovremenny's FC radars, repeating the first tactics of the first attack.  To divert attention away from the attack, I have the Norwegian P-3 shift to the south and continue radiating its radar.  I also have the F-4E make a supersonic run towards the SAG. (Image 1 below).  All 16 AGMs are launched, with 12 aimed at the Sovremenny DDG and 4 directed at the Udaloy DDG:

Image 1 040050Z April 85 Harpoon attack on the Sovremenny SAG

Battle Log
032141Z April 85   Four P-3C 2.5 with AGM-84 launch from NAS Keflavik
032220Z April 85   P-3B on SOVREMENNY SAG Bird Dog station. SAG is not emitting
032216Z April 85   6 F-5Bs depart Banak AFB for ground support mission
040002Z April 85   SAG emits FC radars.  Sovremenny and Udaloy DDGs ID'd.
040010Z April 85   Norwegian P-3B moves to the south of the SAG to divert attention away from the USN P-3Cs attacking from the west.  USN P-3s drop below radar horizon.
040050Z April 85   VP-26 P-3C launch 16 HARPOON missiles at SOVREMENNY SAG from the west.  12 AGM-84 vs. Sovremenny DDG, 4 vs. Udaloy DDG. F4E begin a supersonic run towards SAG from the south to divert attention from the strike.
040052Z April 85   The Sovremenny shoots down the first 3 HARPOON missiles, and successfully deceives the fourth.  The fifth and sixth AGM-84D hits, sinking the Sovremenny DDG.  The Udaloy fairs no better.  Although one of its AK630 gatling guns shoots down a AGM-84, the remaining three  missiles hit, sinking the ship.

At this point, the scenario ends with a major victory.  Total losses for the Soviets are the Sovremenny, Udaloy, Mod Kashin, Kanin, and Kotlin SAM DDGs, a Foxtrot SS, 1 FENCER D, 6 FLANKER B, 6 BADGER D and 22 FLOGGER Gs.  NATO losses are 5 F-16A, 4 F-16B, 4 F-4E and 4 F-5Bs, as well as several radar sites.

While fun, I don't believe this particular scenario was  reflective of Soviet doctrine.  The Soviet submarines never appeared to break out through the GIUK gap.  Consequentially, the NATO P-3s could concentrate on sinking the Soviet SAGs.

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln