Author Topic: How to make YouTube five times faster if you donít use Chrome  (Read 1128 times)

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Google launched a new YouTube design nearly a year ago, but if youíve been using Edge, Safari, or Firefox then youíve probably wondered why YouTube is loading so slowly. Mozilla program manager Chris Peterson has highlighted the issue this week, and itís not your alternative browser thatís to blame. Googleís redesign still relies on a deprecated shadow API thatís only implemented in Chrome, making other browsers render YouTube five times slower.

While YouTube still works on non-Chrome browsers, it often loads far slower while you wait for the page elements to fill. Itís a daily problem that makes you think your internet connection is slow or your browser is broken. YouTube also encourages users to download and install Chrome with various pop-up notifications, and if you do then youíll notice YouTube will load instantly. Google could update YouTube to use Polymer 2.0 or even 3.0 which both support the deprecated API, but the company has decided to stick to using Polymer 1.0 that was originally released in 2015. Itís an odd decision, especially when you consider that Polymer is an open-source JavaScript library that is developed by Google Chrome engineers.

Thankfully, thereís a way to force YouTube back to the old redesign and avoid the slow loading issues on non-Chrome browsers. Reverting back will mean youíll lose the updated design and the dark mode feature in YouTube, though. Firefox users can download a YouTube classic extension to force the site to load properly, while Safari and Edge users will need to use a custom Tampermonkey user script to get the classic design.

Installed the Firefox add on and noticed a clear improvement.  (links in the article)

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Re: How to make YouTube five times faster if you donít use Chrome
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Thanks for posting that. I use Firefox so I installed the addon and will see how it works with Youtube.
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