Age of Bronze History, Volume 2, Summer 2022 is now live

Started by totemgam, May 31, 2022, 04:04:57 AM

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Age of Bronze History, Volume 2, Summer 2022 - digital historical magazine in PDF format. The history of the cradle of human civilization on 43 pages.

Bronze was the first artificial material. The Bronze Age turned the small settlements of the Fertile Crescent into the first civilizations. Sumerian and Egyptian, Canaanite and Hittite, Minoan and Mycenaean and other cultures made history in the IV-II millennium BCE in the Bronze Age.

Our magazine will tell you about ancient times, when the Egyptian pharaohs sought to surpass the grandiose buildings of their predecessors, the Sumerian scribes wrote epic legends about the exploits of Gilgamesh, the Minoan ships moved goods and ideas between countries and peoples.

We will tell you about our common past and the heritage of all humanity, we will tell you about the Age of Bronze:

- Lothal - the port of the Indus civilization
- The deadly diet of ancient Egyptian gods
- Aegean bronze daggers and swords
- Mesopotamia. Tokens are the first numbers for the first accounting
- Bird-headed demon from the Oxus civilization
- Minoans. Was Knossos the capital of Crete?



Wow, this looks very well done. How big is the team that put this together?
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слава Україна!