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Started by MengJiao, April 01, 2023, 08:10:17 PM

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So, a bigger battle, this one loosely based on Suffren's raid on the Cape Verde islands in 1781.  We'll sort of pretend this is the 1779 version.  The gunnery factors are 21 to 21 in four ships from each side.  The French probably have some weight of hull advantages over the Black-and-Blue Royal Navy, for, while the closest ship to the camera is a converted merchant 56-gun ship, the second-closest is a kind of proto-razee if I've found the right ship on Wikipedia -- yes, the Dauphin was apparently rebuilt as a cut-down 56-gun version of a old-three-decker, so her hull is probably more substantial than that of the average 56-gun ship (so for game purposes she has a greater "burden", the hull-robustness measure).  The third ship from the camera is standing in for Suffren's Heroic 74, Hero, and the fourth from the camera represents a classic 64-gun ship that was at the real battle in '81.  The Black-and-Blue Royal Navy ships are all at anchor which may or may not turn out well:

So this played through pretty fast.  Suffren's flagship Hero (evidently the Priestess of Aphrodite worth swimming for...in the 1781 battle the opposing flagship was also named Hero) led the way into the anchorage and nearly blew up and also nearly sank, but she got out of the fight before getting wrecked.  HMS Vigilant struck after getting raked as did the Black-and-Blue and RN flagship the Black Defence.  HMS Argonaut got into action late and that might be part of what went wrong (though Suffren's two lucky escapes from very unlikely events was a good thing for the French).