"The Death Ride of Jean Lannes" -- An 1809 Kriegsspiel

Started by Cyrano, July 04, 2018, 02:13:22 PM

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It is with no small measure of delight that I announce the beginning of the second Grogheads Kriegsspiel using "The Flight of the Eagle" rules for moderation.  After a fair amount of conversation, including a small amount with the game's creator, I have chosen the Austria 1809 campaign as included in the first volume.  Note this is the "opening moves" scenario and set a good deal West of what would eventually become the Aspern-Essling/Wagram campaigns.

For those unfamiliar with what this entails, you need look no further than the special child forum here in the "play by forum" section and read the fairly massive pile of stuff associated with the very successful "Six Days in October" event that wrapped a few months ago.

The commands are:


Erzherzog Carl Ludwig Johann Joseph Laurentius von Österreich, Herzog von Teschen -- Commander -- Jason Pratt

I Corps -- Bellegarde -- Pinetree
II Corps -- Kollowrath -- Banzai_Cat
III Corps -- Hohenzollern -- Barthheart (Just can't quit the German-inflected...)
IV Corps -- (Orsini) Rosenberg -- James Sterrett
V Corps -- Louis -- Neal
VI Corps -- Hiller -- Dom
Reserve -- Kienmayer -- Lancer4321
Reserve -- Lischenstein -- Jack Gill


Emperor Napoleon I -- Commander -- Hatricus

II Corps -- Oudinot/Lannes -- Duke_of_Earl
III Corps -- Davout -- Marsbarr
IV Corps -- Massena -- Treb
VII Corps -- Lefebvre -- Jimlacey1
VIII Corps -- Vandamme -- Advocator

For those who are in, the e-mail will again be "jenacampaignATgmailDOTcom".



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James Sterrett


Once you're ready to kick off the game, we will put everything in its own sub-forum together. For now we will leave this out and sticky so everyone can see it to sign up
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If there is room, I'd love get a slot in this game. Any nation and any command is good for me. I have some experience with The Flight of the Eagle rules.


Sounds like fun, I'd love to partake, but have no experience with the game. 
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Jim  .... Thanks... I am definitely in..... and anxiously waiting the start.

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As the prior Napoleon, I believe it is only right that I should allow someone else who wants the easiest job to take a crack at it.

For that matter, I am willing to concede my invitation for newcomers on any position at all.

I will however be glad to play, whether as reserve in case of dropout, or to fill in a lot, or even as Nappy the Newspaper guy again. I have to admit it would be thematically appropriate for the same French team that worked so well together to step up in challenge for the next game.

In short, I am available to serve in whatever capacity. (But there is a possibility, not a certainty, that my plans for a Republic of Rome forum game will take precedence in one or more ways.)
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Well, if there is an option, I would like to get in as well.

Thank you,

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I would like to play if there is a spot. I've read the rules to the Flights of the Eagles system, but haven't had an opportunity to play.



Reporting for reserve duty. Count me in if there is an opening. Your YouTube videos and podcast discussions for the last Kriegsspiel peaked my interest. 
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Hi Jim,

Defo want in on this one; the last one was a blast and I can only think that I can't afford to miss this opportunity to be in this one!

Cheers and can't wait!

Andy B (hatricvs)