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My generic, very broad, minimum cost stock index funds are up 10.21% (international index) to 20.6% (high dividend yield stock index) for the year.  My total US stock index fund is up 13.7% for the year as a comparison for the other high and low index stock funds.

None of this is special in any way.  If you were in any super low cost, very broadly diversified stock fund you should have returns close to this.

I'm sure this won't last.  Actual monthly US and world inflation numbers are horrible and I fear that inflationary expectations are getting built in like the last time we had a US President determined to spend our way to prosperity (Lyndon Johnson).  Hope I'm wrong.

For those who want to know more about cryptocurrency from a financial (not technical point) of view, I recommend MIT's Open Courseware (free online courses).

lectures are at:

The course has a very good overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency including issues. It is not a course on how to invest however.  More about the fundamental foundations of crypto.

You can't beat the price (free). The course is a little dated however (Fall 2018).

The best thing about it is that MIT is not trying to sell you anything with the course.

El Salvador Government to Mine Bitcoin with Volcanic Energy

--- Quote ---Bukele appears to be going all-in on Bitcoin. Earlier this week, El Salvador became the first country in the world to consider the cryptocurrency legal tender because his proposal was approved by 62 of the country’s 84 members of Congress. He also said El Salvador would offer citizenship to anyone who owns more than 3 bitcoin.

--- End quote ---

Is that like the entrance fee to that wonderful paradise that is El Salvador??  :idiot2:

Ukraine busts 3,800 PlayStation and 5,000 computer crypto mining farm.

Now that is was a crypto mining op!


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