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MetaArcade - Cthulhu Chronicles released on iOS!


One of my fave things on my ACER Iconia Tablet is Meta Arcade's Tunnels and Trolls Adventures app for Android.  I got an email a couple days ago from them announcing the release of Cthulhu Chronicles. They are partnering with Chaosium too!

This is on Apple iOS but it will be coming to Android soon!


Hopefully this will come to the Fire tablet eventually.

Early Access on Google Play!


--- Quote from: CJReich46 on September 16, 2018, 08:30:11 PM ---Early Access on Google Play!

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the heads-up!

Sure thing.

It's actually good.  Pages are easy to read and illustrated with photos, which give it a 1920s vibe. It doesn't feel railroaded. You can pick different investigators. 

I liked it for early access it seems pretty well put together.


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