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Been on a buying tear...

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Well you can resell a board game vs a pc game, although I have yet to do that.

Added the following to my collection:
Food Chain Magnate
7th Continent


--- Quote from: CptHowdy on November 21, 2019, 09:20:33 PM ---so are these investments or games that will actually get played? its easy to buy stuff for PC and never install it or install and play once or twice then move on. these games take actual physical space to keep around! we have a thread on home libraries so maybe a thread to show off your stacks and stacks of boardgames might be in order  :2funny:

--- End quote ---

For me, all of the games I buy are to play.  Takes a while to get to them all.  I've got two stacks of games.  A big stack of cooperative games to play with my wife and a much smaller stack of wargames.  The wife wants me to get a second drop leaf table so we will always have a cooperative game set up.

And continued to round out the collection:

Ticket to Ride Europe
Arkham Horror TCG


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