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Marvel Champions LCG (Fantasy Flight)

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Bought the Core box last week and enjoying it very much solo and with my eldest son.
After a short debate we kinda entered the rabbit hole and after little more than one week we've obtained all cards for the game out currently...  :uglystupid2:  :smitten:

Finally a game that works well solo or 2 to 4 players. Encounters scale nicely and the buildup during the game really translates well to an epic super hero fight on the table. Cool game! Quick to setup and learn as well. A game takes about 45 to 75 minutes in my experience.

How is the rule clarity & complexity?

I found the Lord of the Rings game by Fantasy Flight to be poor because the rules were so open to interpretation that I had to constantly refer to printed or online rules interpretation to play the game.

They're pretty tight and streamlined.
There were a few questions that popped up during our learning the game, but nothing major. It learns quickly and plays snappy.

Thanks for the feedback. 

Is it a cooperative or competitive game?  My wife strongly prefers cooperative games.

Now that Iíve popped open a few additional hero packs some new effects that can be stacked with others caused some questions to arise, but Iíve found a neat Discord with lots of activity. Rules questions get answers quickly and mostly it was just for verification as the abilities and effects all work logical so far.

The game is co-op only.


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