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SGS Afrika Korps Community Competition Signup Thread

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Is this still happening?

It is. I was leaving it a bit longer to see if we had more takers before contacting Philippe for the codes. I looked in today for the numbers and will contact Philippe now for those already confirmed.

@MC if you want to sign up that's fine. Please do so as soon as possible and I will look in over the next couple of days. It shouldn't be a problem getting a code for you, but we really do need to find an opponent for you as so far we have four people who have taken this up.

If MC takes up the challenge, is anyone happy to play MC in addition to their allocated opponent? Clearly it is unfair to skew the scoring for anyone taking this up, but there is an incentive to take down MC for his opponent as one less challenger for the win, and also the added experience gained in playing another opponent competitively. Obviously, any opponent of MC will play the opposite side to their regular opponent so they can't test out a strategy against MC then apply it in their other game. I'm thinking creatively here and trying to be fair to all. If you have a "better mousetrap" let me know.

Alternatively, a shout out to Gus to join the fray?  :notworthy:

And we're off...

I'm contacting Philippe now and I'll DM them over as soon as I see them in my mailbox.

The line up for round one (remembering that this round is three games, alternating axis/allies) is...

Millipede (Axis, Allies, Axis) vs Shelldrake (Allies, Axis, Allies)

Tripoli (Axis, Allies, Axis) vs Nelmsm (Allies, Axis, Allies)


Good luck and have fun.  O0

BTW feel free to post AARs, moments of glory etc. :)

Count me in!

Sir Slash:
Watching with great interest to see the action unfold.  O0


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