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Re: Do you love me?
« Reply #15 on: December 31, 2020, 09:33:45 AM »
It's just programming. They've had the balance thing down pat for some time. It's not like we're believing they're doing that on their own or that they've learnt it - they've just been programmed to do it.

I expect it took some time to write the routines

Oh absolutely, they were programmed.   What impresses me is how the devs have got the mechanics/movement down to mimic humans so closely.  I expect in a few more years, they can probably get the mechanical "skeleton" to look and be sized to a more human scale.

A partial reason why these robots look so human while dancing is that they have to obey the same physics. You just have to sync the moves of parts of your body to prevent you from falling. The choreography only defines the intended move, but the details of the actual realisation is determined by the laws of physics, and that is why they are looking so 'real'.

The greatest achievement is that these robots can walk at all, that they have 'reflexes' to use dynamic tension and balancing moves with their lids at all times. So when you order them to perform a dance move, a lot of the performance will be dictated by these 'reflexes'.
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Re: Do you love me?
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When these robots come to appropriate your property against your will make sure you have a tool that can cut those power cables connected to it's legs.  You'll need to swiftly move to it's flank or rear to do this. 

I would also suggest wearing some kind of glasses that can neutralize the blinding effects of the laser strobe lights that are apparent in the robots head. 

Firearms will not penetrate it's body armor.  You'll need the equivalent of a bolter gun or auto-cannon.  If you don't have something like that do not attempt to resist these robots because they will be programmed to kill you the instant you show violence to them. 
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Re: Do you love me?
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Re: Do you love me?
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I won't be impressed until they can Waltz. Or Cha-Cha.
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