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Seriously, M:TG doesn't come with a rulebook?

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Even back in the day, I used to horde those little MtG rulebooks.

Probably still have some dated from as far back as ~94 or 95 packed away along with some cards.   :nerd:

I recall the need to start looking up the living MtG rules back around 2001 or thereabouts.  Those rulebooks never had clarifications of edge cases, and the full online rules had been growing to include those.  I still preferred having a damn physical manual, however, as a first reference and a go to for a rules refresher after a long hiatus. 

If I ever received a board game without a physical rule book, I'd be pissed.  :knuppel2:

All the more reason to go with LCGs for me, nowadays. 

Mage Wars Academy, Ashes of the Phoenixborn, Netrunner, and all sorts of others coming out nowadays.  You know what you get, with rulebook, and no need to gamble at getting good stuff in randomized boosters.   O0  It's where you probably wanna be if you're the type who just prefers to occasionally buy a pack and casually play.

EDIT:  Hrmm... maybe I'll break out Mage Wars Academy for a head-to-head next week.   :coolsmiley:


That meme is inaccurate.  Trap cards are played in yugiho not MtG.

There are plenty of "trap" cards in MtG ...although considering 18K+ cards, maybe only a miniscule fraction of less than a percent, so "plenty" is relative. Like, a few dozen different kinds.

There isn't, yet, a "trap" effect. But, yeah, if someone busts out one of the (relatively) super-rare "trap" cards, that might be pretty gangsta by MtG standards.  :nerd:


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