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Seriously, M:TG doesn't come with a rulebook?

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To necro this cause I wasn't paying attention, but yeah, quite the bummer FFG had to drop Netrunner. Word on the streets is that they didn't really expected it, but aparently WotC killed it by either asking an exorbitant amount of money or just not allowing the contract to be renewed for publishing. Possibly because they want to do something with the Netrunner brand in the near future.

I tried to complete my collection, but the packs were sold out within a mere day or two and no new shipments are expected.

Also, there is a community run entity called NISEI ( which has taken the reign of organized play AND they have just released their first new 65 card pack of a new Cycle (2 part cycle, so half we have now)!

Their online presence isn't too obvious however. Stimhack forums seem to have died down quite a bit despite the NISEI effort. Perhaps it takes some time for them to get the spotlight?

EDIT: Did a little further digging. - seems to be the main online community now - community run organization who unofficially continue Android Netrunner. - Downfall is the new cardset just released by Nisei - System Core 2019 is the new Core rotation - Play Netrunner in your browser.


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