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Seriously, M:TG doesn't come with a rulebook?

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--- Quote from: Cyrano on March 14, 2018, 01:49:12 PM ---We are going to have a dramatic reading of the 227-page thing on the Grogcast.

--- End quote ---

Can't wait :P

C'mon we'll get our load on and have at it.

Brant will love it.

Anything for ratings ;)

Could be worse. Remember the video tutorials from Microprose's Shandalar game lo these many decades ago? And those were for a very legitimate adaptation of the game.  L:-) :hide:

As for tutorials online: Magic Online, via Steam, provides a good one, including practical examples of the special rules.

Except for the minor problem that the special rule tutorials are broken and so occasionally load up with the wrong cards, making it impossible to do what you're expected to do.  :tickedoff: :uglystupid2: :crazy2: :pullhair:


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