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Black Orchestra

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My copy just arrived today. I unboxed it, got a quick article in and submitted to Brant, and even started playing it.

I jumped in with three conspirators instead of the stated two for a solo game, so I might have bitten off more than I can chew. I can also see how this game would be more fun with multiple players as opposed to just going solo, but you can make that exact argument with ANY cooperative game you play solo, so it's not a call-out or anything.

I really like the theme and how the Events decks more or less mirror history. Great fun solo play so far though I think I'm going to reset tomorrow and play with just two, and then try it out with others later and then do a full review of it for the site. I'm already almost done with Stage 2 and haven't had a Gestapo Raid yet, which means it's going to happen, even though all three of my conspirators are at Low suspicion right now.


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