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Pirates adventures in Skull Tales Full Sails! May 8th on Kickstarter



Skull Tales Full Sails! is a pirate adventure board game with miniatures.

First, choose a pirate from one of the 12 different classes: Sea Wolf, Hit man, Lookout, Gunner, Surgeon, Vuduman, Freed Slave, Witch, Cabin Boy, Cook, Captain’s Daughter, or Enforcer.

Then, set sail on an adventure to explore the Caribbean. Face off with strange sea creatures, supernatural forces, and the feared Red Coats. Navigate the dangerous waters in search of booty to win the confidence of your crew and avoid mutiny. Finally, become captain of your own ship – every pirate’s dream!

In Skull Tales you become a pirate hunting for fame and fortune as a member of the ‘The Southern Lady’ crew, dreaded throughout the Caribbean. Full of dangers and monsters, the high seas also offer incredible opportunities for those pirates reckless enough to take the risk!

Want to know more? Take a look!

That's a lot of figures...  :)

Yeah, thank goodness we just started a thread with tips on how to paint them!
Great looking game!


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