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It's pretty amazing when you realize just how old this is.

(Roughly 700 years before Abraham started heading for the Mediterranean).

Father Ted:
Yeah but seriously: is it going to run under Windows 10?  Nostalgia's all very well, but...

^I was going to say...unless there is a vassal version, this probably belongs in a different forum.

Yes, you should probably move this to the board game forum, or something like that.  My bad.

I have heard of it.

Interestingly there was a book when I was a kid called Games of the World. Ur was mentioned in it (even how to build the game set). As was Wari, Go, Albuquerque, Shogi and others.  They had sections on how to actually make them.
I think online there's a version of it somewhere you can actually play, and even Senet too.



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