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The Spice Must Flow...Dune REPRINT!

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Didn't know where to post this, but a game company Gale Force 9 (and I found this on is going to reprint the 1979 Classic Avalon Hill boardgame, and it is to come out later this year.

Images are in the article of how the board is going to look.


Yep, day one buy for me.  Got the old classic and French version sitting sealed in a box somewhere in my storage closet of rare things. 

Can't wait to have a version I can actually play.

Never had the original version, but will probably be getting this one. Heard nothing but good things.
Gale Force 9 does some good work.


Now all I have to hope for is a Dune RPG reprint. :)


--- Quote from: Tpek on March 28, 2019, 04:47:55 PM ---Awesome.

Now all I have to hope for is a Dune RPG reprint. :)

--- End quote ---

Modiphius is coming with that in the near future!


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