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7 Wonders

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here's an interesting civ-builder that seems to steal some of 7 Wonders' mechanics

2-player variant...


Just picked this up at the FLGS today.  I shut down the p&p D&D game for now but wanted to keep the group going.  So, four of us went to look over what we had for choices.  There was soooo much!  The main titles we settled on were Munchkin, Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, and 7 Wonders.  We settled on 7 Wonders.

We took an excruciatingly long time to suss the rules, but, once we did, it was pretty smooth sailing.  Got my butt handed to me twice :(  Can't wait to play again.  Everyone is else is so excited that I had no trouble convincing them to come back in two weeks for another go at it.  We had 4 tonight.  Can't wait to get seven!

Silent Disapproval Robot:
Itís fairly popular at a few of my locals but Iím not really the biggest fan.  I donít actively dislike it or anything but it doesnít really click for me either.  Drafting mechanics arenít really my thing so thatís probably the chief reason Iím lukewarm in it.  Fortunately a play through doesnít take long at all.


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