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7 Wonders

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--- Quote from: MetalDog on January 27, 2018, 10:45:15 PM ---We took an excruciatingly long time to suss the rules, but, once we did, it was pretty smooth sailing.  Got my butt handed to me twice :(  Can't wait to play again.  Everyone is else is so excited that I had no trouble convincing them to come back in two weeks for another go at it.  We had 4 tonight.  Can't wait to get seven!

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it's a much, much easier game to have someone teach you than to try and learn by the rules. 
It's one of my all-time favorites.

As I noted in my first article about it "I have played 7 Wonders with a well-known wargame designer, his daughters, a former comic-book author, a high-school math teacher, my 10-year-old son, and my mom.  And they’ve all come back for more."
The fact that my son is now 14 tells you how long ago I wrote it, but I'd been playing (and loving) the game well before that, since that article was written after the first 2 expansions had been released, too, and I bought both of them the day they were each released.

I'm fairly sure we'll be after whatever expansions the FLGS has before too long.


--- Quote from: MetalDog on January 28, 2018, 07:02:34 AM ---I'm fairly sure we'll be after whatever expansions the FLGS has before too long.

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Skip the Leaders expansion - it's crap.

Cities is a must-buy; it is fantastic.

The Babel box is a mixed bag.  The building of the tower and the rules changes as you go can be pretty fiddly, but the "great projects" that multiple players can help build are pretty neat and offer some very interesting twists.

There's also a pretty cool mini-expansion that just gives you some extra Wonders to play with.  One of them requires the Leaders expansion, but the others can all be played with the basic set, so you can get the Great Wall of China in the game, for instance.

We got the Seven Wonders expansion for the game at the same time as the base.  Found out you need Leaders to play Abu Simbel, but, you can play the rest in there as is, including the Great Wall.  O0 

Saw the Babel expansion, didn't really know what it was, so, left it be.

Saw the Cities expansion in the game literature included in the box and that looks great.  Glad you concur.  Makes it easier to buy ;)

Babel is 2 expansions in 1 box.  One of them is pretty good (the great projects) and one of them is kinda fiddly and not a lot of fun (Babel)


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