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7 Wonders

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Ya, its a real pain in the ass to play with only two players, which is the only way I have played so far.  I could tell though that it would be much better playing with 3+.

Capn Darwin:
Fun game. Thanks for getting us hooked on it Brant.  :P Yet another game my youngest daughter can trash talk us while crushing us underfoot. It is a very fun game. Scoring is a bit of a pain but it works out. Need to break out the expansion and play one of these days.  8)

There's a new expansion board out on this one.

It's Catan Island

New expansion out for 7 Wonders.  It's called "Cities"

got to play this one recently and it was really fast and fun. i just didn't get a good grisp of what tactics would be smart to do.
i tried to rely on science but that did not work out that well. it looked like the way of the warrior is more promising.


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