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Title: Covid College Basketball
Post by: airboy on December 31, 2020, 08:22:25 AM
My wife and I are huge basketball fans.  Went to every UNC conference game as undergrads.  Have had season Mens & Womens Auburn tickets forever.

I played in Junior High and Elementary school.  Played amateur league in High School.  Attended tons of games with my Dad growing up and saw almost all of my High School home games and followed them on the road my Senior year.

This season I went to one game.  ONE.  Last night saw Arkansas beat Auburn.

Stadium was at 20% capacity.  I was not in my normal (excellent seats), but all of the seats in the current area are good.  There were 8 people total in my very long row.  Idiotically, the players on the "bench" were massively spread out - even though they are in very close proximity in practice.  Makes no sense.

Lots of noise from the area sound system.  Not so much noise from the sparse attendees.  However, individual fans could be heard when they yelled at players (seldom) or the officials (frequently).  Pretty well called game, but Basketball moves so fast there are going to be mistakes made.

Glad that I went, but this is a surreal experience for my wife and I.  Auburn is giving almost all the seats to students - a policy I agree with.  This game was before the students returned to campus.
Title: Re: Covid College Basketball
Post by: airboy on January 04, 2021, 12:10:28 PM
I added a picture on my blog.  Looks like basketball during a zombie apocalypse.