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Computer Gaming / Re: DCS Discussion
« Last post by Destraex on Today at 12:50:29 AM »
It seems my TrackIR goes to sleep when I have it on pause to practice refuelling. The game really hates that.

Watching my friend attempt to refuel. "Pre-contact..... chicks in tow" :P

That grey is the perfect camo

Supercarrier. Funny but the first time my mate took off we wanted to try it with the wings folded. The carrier crew did not bat an eyelid. Second time they were signalling him he had his wings folded.

You are taking on fuel... actually that was a second ago. Not proficient enough to refuel for more than a few seconds at a time yet. Plus the damned tanker keeps wanting to turn on his circuit.

I get in the basket ok. But cannot hold it for long. I sometimes have to get the drogue to retract back in and extend again because it bugs out and I just go through it with the refuelling probe.
Computer Gaming / Indie Wargame Bundle
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 12:02:03 AM »
Pretty cool offer on steam…discount seems to scale based on what is already in your library


In this bundle you will find 4 indie WWII wargames :
- SGS Afrika Korps
- Until the Last Plane
- Cauldrons of War - Stalingrad
- Hex of Steel

Computer Gaming / Re: Medieval Total War 2 problem
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 09:42:06 PM »
 :clap: :clap: :clap:
Computer Gaming / Re: Medieval Total War 2 problem
« Last post by Boggit on Yesterday at 09:35:30 PM »
Problem solved!!!

Sauron40 called me from France and we went through a number of possibilities - none worked. Then we rolled back the driver for my AMD R9 270 and hey presto things were back to normal. I had updated the driver a couple of months ago to get Warhammer 40K Gladius to work - it was constantly doing a CTD - until I got the latest driver.

Now I have the solution, but it is a bit of a pain as I have to roll back the driver for MTW2, then re upload the latest driver for Gladius. I raisd the issue on the AMD website so hopefully they will make the next graphics card driver compatible with both games (I'm not holding my breath though!)

Thank you all for your suggestions and support. I was gutted at the prospect of not being able to play MTW2 again.
Computer Gaming / Re: Medieval Total War 2 problem
« Last post by solops on Yesterday at 07:54:09 PM »
I play the Steam version of MTW2 with no problems on my desktop which has Win10 on it that was upgraded from Win7. I use an old USB corded Microsoft mouse. Do you have a new mouse?
Current Events / Re: Colin Powell Dies at 84
« Last post by Gusington on Yesterday at 06:35:58 PM »
Yeah, terrible. And unexpected...I didn’t know he had blood cancer. RIP.
Computer Gaming / Re: Medieval Total War 2 problem
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 06:31:56 PM »
Windows 7 compatibility mode seems to help these guys. Perhaps a permissions problem in windows 10. Run as administrator? If it was me I would purge the game and clean the profile folders before a clean reinstall of medieval 2. But the problem is you want to play the old campaign. I suspect if all the files are there that some files may be locked out or grabbed by your anti virus as the game tries to access or run them.

I also have to ask if medieval 2 has had a patch that would have conflicted with the mod, perhaps the mod has been stream workshop updated and you auto updated to a bad version?
Computer Gaming / Re: WWII Turn based Tactical Game
« Last post by Silent Disapproval Robot on Yesterday at 05:10:49 PM »
Finally beat the scenario.

Tried staying hidden as much as possible and only firing with the Shermans when I had a flank shot.

Computer Gaming / Re: WWII Turn based Tactical Game
« Last post by ArizonaTank on Yesterday at 05:04:32 PM »
I'd like to see opportunity fire added in.  I'd also like a bit more feedback regarding cover and concealment for each hex.  As others have mentioned, it doesn't always seem like your squads are getting the cover you'd expect in some hexes.

Anybody else getting their ass handed to them in the "here they come!" scenario?  My M10s get brewed up every single time, no matter how far back I place them.

I think it is a fun game, but definitely needs a few more things to make the game really special.

The interplay of units and enemy reminds me of XCOM2...however as SDR says, "The Troop" is missing an over-watch / opportunity fire command, that is essential in XCOM2.

Agree, the "Here they come" scenario is pretty one-sided the way it works now. The Germans rarely miss, even when the Brits are in what seems to be concealment.

The Brits however seem to be able to hit only about 1/3 of the time, even under good firing conditions. One of the biggest handicaps of the scenario is the limited number of locations the Brits can deploy their tanks to. Maybe if the scenario let you set up anywhere on the Brit side of the board, the Brits might get better results.

In addition to an over-watch command, a shoot and scoot command would do wonders as well.

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