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Illustrator is all vector-based. You could make some sharp-looking graphics there, but I think it's way too finnicky and not nearly as user-friendly as Photoshop is.

@bayonetbrant - nice idea, working good so far. thank you!

@taijeronv - something like that can also be created in illustrator. just check out the scatter options for newly created brushes,
but beware of a vector overkill! bitty-fricky small vector objects are easily handled as instances (symbols), of course you'll have
sharp and resolution independent images but the printing of these or even rasterizing is hard work for man AND machine!
it's always wise to try and combine both, pixel AND vector, if you'll want/need to stay in illustrator.

@Banzai_Cat - imho, illustrator and photoshop are both very user friendly! true, there are people who prefer one over the other but hey...
i take what's best from different worlds and combine the whole in one or the other - clients and personal work... it really depends.
afaik, it's a sad story - illustrator and photoshop are from different teams inside the same company,
the toolsets that should be the same are different, behaves different and have also different keyboard shortcuts!
so yeah, it's a mess but still, if you're used to both it pays off!!


chemkid, I think I'm more leaning towards PS since I started my instructional design career heavily invested in it. I can do some basic things in IL but overall it eludes me why the keystrokes aren't the same in both programs. I think there are some similar commands, but there are definitely things that elude me in IL. IL is definitely great for vector drawings, but I find the graphics I make for my training modules have to be done quickly and I rarely open IL these days, it seems.

Some additional photoshop tutorials, mostly comic book-oriented


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