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[ended, Barth won!]Civ 6 + all expansions PBEM game recruiting

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Well, let's see... it went something like this.

I jumped out to an early lead, got smug and thought I was invincible. Meanwhile, Barthheart quietly went to work developing his research capability and when the time was right, struck with slightly more advanced forces and I got to sit and watch.

The moral of this sad tale? Don't ever get behind on research!

Well played Barth. :notworthy:

Meanwhile my diplomatic influence skyrocketed over my surrounding city states, but my military progress was severely hampered by unrelenting raids from Barbarians who forces me to keep working on internal politics and repair and protection programs.
I never quite managed to bank on the classical era to push forward.

Trading went fairly well, however. And we’ve filled our coffers nicely. But other than that my nation has remained in obscurity for most of the game.

ok guys, Anguille also accepted to stop.

BARTH, congrats buddy! Well played! This game is now closed. Thanks all, for the effort you've put in!  O0

Congrats on the win. Somehow i was always only dealing with myself in this game.

Same for me, unfortunately. Still had fun however.


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