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With a new office and new desks, I just couldn't resist getting a new rig too...

Intel Core i7-9700K
32GB DDR4 Memory
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 11GB
800W Power supply

I figure this powerhouse will remain relevant for at least 3 years.

"No beast is more alpha than JH." -- Gus  :D

Very nice!

I am waiting on my own rig as the CPU cooler is to arrive anytime.

Just wondering why you paid extra to get 32 GB of RAM and not just 16 GB? I researched and read that 16 GB of plenty for gaming, but some may need 32 GB for work programs or video editing. Thus I ordered 16 GB as I don't have any RAM heavy work programs on my home computer.

I also stayed with a RTX 2070 as I am only running a 60 Hz 1080p monitor for now.

^Bragging rights.

My main rig now has 32GB and I didn't want to downgrade there. It certainly can't hurt my VR flying in DCS.

I am not sure you can ever have too much memory.

Nice rig, JH!


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