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Bad Gameday Decisions
« on: October 06, 2019, 10:39:45 AM »
For those of you unfamiliar with College Football in the USA, schools have marching bands, flag groups, and dancers in addition to cheerleaders.

This can get confusing so I'll add some detail.

Marching bands for large schools are 100+.  They play instruments and march around the field, frequently forming shapes with their bodies as they march around.

Flag groups will march around twirling flags on fiberglass polls.  No musical instruments.  They are more prancey-dancy because they all carry the same identical flags.

Dancers don't use flags, but do much more complex and athletic dancing because they are not carrying flags or instruments.  Dancers may have pom-poms. 

Marching bands, Flag Groups and Dancers only take the field before the game and at half-time.  In contrast, cheerleaders are on the sidelines during the entire game leading cheers for the hometown fans.

Got it??

Traditionally, there are sex breakdowns in these groups.
Band Members are of both sexes with the lighter instruments more often used by smaller players and bigger players carrying tubas and the like.
Cheerleaders may be all female or a 50/50 split depending if they want to have males lift and toss small women or just have more females on the squad.
Flag/Dance groups have traditionally been all female.

Georgia Tech had one male flag team member and one male dance member.  Unusual, but not bad or unheard of.

What was bad is:
1] Male dancer did not have a bare midriff like every female dancer which I'm sure disappointed some in the audience.
2] What was an epic fail is the male dancer did use pom-poms.  There would be dancy things where every other dancer used pom-poms - except for Mr. Sore Thumb who had no pom-poms. 

Below is a picture taken from the upper deck of most of the dance squad - unfortunately not during a pom-pom routine.  During the pom-pom dances my wife was so upset she forgot to take a picture.
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