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If you want TAL, Nimitz or Tiger from DVG, a new kickstarter is up.

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This time with a few expansions.
Already funded in day one!

I backed TAL (Thunderbolt / Apache Leader) and its Expansion 1. Hope it can make it so that we’ll get Exp 2 for free! :)

Runs for about 20 days more.

How does all this work with pledging?  What time frame do games come out?

Silent Disapproval Robot:
I just picked up a used copy of Nimitz for $30 CDN last week.  Wish I'd known about this KS because it's $50 to get the upgrades or $80 for a complete copy of v2

Does anyone know about the changes to the Tiger Leader?  I have GMT tank duel, are they close?

No idea I am sorry.


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